Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Don't Blame Iceland, Just Their Bankers

I like Iceland, it's not in the EU and it produced Magnus Magnusson and Bjork.

Notice the Icelandic male dancers who have lost their shirts and trousers due to the bank crunch. I bet Iain Dale will.

So hands off the land of geysirs and viable cod stocks Gordon Broon. If you want to strut around the world stage looking important and statesmanlike, why don't you order the launch of a couple of Tomahawk SLCMs against the Presidential Palace in Khartoum to help sort out Dharfur instead?
I was minded to write this post after reading an excellent one from haddock on honour which includes a moving letter from an Icelander called Runar.
Why the f*** aren't bankers and regulators and politicians apologising for the £trillion f***-up that those smarty-clever sh** forbrains have created through their shortsighted greed. If anyone else had caused that much damage you can bet that the shares of lampost and hemp rope makers would be rocketing away.
Instead, the Police are training in riot control in case cash points are not refilled or bank cards cancelled and people discover they cannot buy food or petrol even though the price is falling. And on the subject of falling oil prices, didn't the energy companies explain their massive price increases on the alleged linkage between the price of crude oil and gas? When will domestic fuel prices fall?

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