Thursday, 30 October 2008

Another Little Dorrit

I like Andrew Davies (he always returns a hello if I see him when we take the dog for a walk) but, to be honest, what is the point of a new adaptation of Little Dorrit for the BBC when there is already a definitive 360 minute two-part film by Christine Edzard released in 1988. Surely those films could have been shown in half hour chunks to publicise the release of the DVD? Or does the BBC have a charter obligation to employ every member of British Equity at least once a year and ensure full employment for whisker and bonnet makers?
Ah, this is why. Follow the money because it goes back to the beeb.
Why doesn't the BBC take a chance and commission Mr Davies and other excellent writers to produce original scripts? Or reintroduce the single play format instead of countless murder mini-series or cliched agitprop rants? Did the spark of creativity really leave the BBC with James Purnell MP?


haddock said...

ye Gods... Dickens ! I would rather listen to Woss.... which shows what I think of Dickens and his silly shallow pot-boilers.

and you missed Wiltshire off the list of god's own counties

Gallimaufry said...

Wiltshire isn't too bad except for its lack of a coastline. Cornwall, Devon and Dorset make up for that deficit in Warwickshire's otherwise perfect geography. Besides Wiltshire is the home of the notorious speed camera that nabbed us on an empty and straight road with no pedestrians around doing a safe 39 in a suddenly 30mph limit Tidworth. So Wiltshire or rather their Road Safety Partnership isn't on my most favoured county list.