Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Should Gordon Brown Create A People's Court To Quell Dissent In Nulabor?

Following the establishment of islamic sharia courts across England, rumour has it that Gordon Brown is considering establishing a People's Court to sentence Labour Party Members guilty of the anti-Nulabor crime of Wehrkraftzersetzung ("disintegration of defensive capability") or disagreeing with him.
Once he has completed his anger management course, John Prescott would be a suitable candidate for the post previously held by Roland Freisler in Germany between 1942-45. Any MP found guilty of crimes against Nulabor would be defended at their subsequent trial by the Deputy Party Leader, Harriet Harman, to ensure the sentence passed by the court would be a fair deterrent to any other conspirators. With a 100% conviction rate the scheme may be extended to non-Party members for serious crimes like failing to carry a voluntary ID or thinking the EU, windmills, carbon trading and uneconomic recycling are wrong.
Now is the time for the enemies of the Arbeiterpartei to be smashed like mobiles against the skirting board.