Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Miserable Stoat Loses In Straight Sets

Despite beating the unlovely Spaniard Nadal (get some sleeves, por favor) the uber unnlovely Andrew Murray lost most convincingly against the ever sportsmanlike Roger Federer. Well done Roger, five-in-a-row winner of the US Open Men's Singles Championships.
Murray has allegedly made it quite clear that he values winning the US Open above Wimbledon (must be the All-England bit), is Scottish first before British and has no regard for England. So why on earth do the BBC persist in their attempt to get English people to support him? He will never match the affection that Jeremy Bates and Tim Henman stirred in the hearts of English tennis fans. We knew deep down they wouldn't win yet their annual ephemeral successes followed by depressing failures on the holy sward of SW19 accorded them champion status in the English pantheon of decent chaps who tried hard but were never quite good enough on the day.


I Albion said...

If only Murray was as good looking as the real Stoat.

Putz said...

l disagree and i understood EVERY word you said...here is how i disagree....scots are brits...i a manchesterian recognize murray over a spandyard, and a swiss(feedererererer) and say he has british, not english' grit, smuck, and jam...now are you foolloowing me??????i an american would route for him over roddick, who plays lousy tennis, or blake...ditto

Gallimaufry said...

Do correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that in an earlier post you stated you originated from Salford, an adjacent city unfairly overshadowed by Manchester. The first street in the world lit by gas was Church Street in Salford, for example.
I have noted your comments with interest.

Putz said...

i am 3,000 miles away and manchester and salford seem stuck pretty much together....is there still a barlow road and a barlow street in salford near the industrial park/?,, my relative dalton ran a silk works near the river i think...james who was a cabby lost his life at 33 working the horses...NOT RACING, CABBYING

Gallimaufry said...

Barlow Street:
Hope this helps. You will be able to locate the area via Google Earth as well. Interesting ancestors. Please let me know when you have posted about them on your blog so I can cross link.