Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider Results

It would appear that £4 billion has been spent to produce an anticlimax which isn't actually a little bit of a little bit of an atom but just the announcement that the experiment designed to break things has broken itself. Good job the LHC wasn't started up at Christmas as the disappointment would have been magnified by the shops being closed. The scientists and engineers at CERN will certainly need their Plumber's Higher Diplomas to get the thing working again for next year. I reckon that scientific experiments like this or Mars Beagle should have been called OOPS or SODIT so that anything other than a complete write off could be deemed a success. Small wins, as a boss used to say (mind you, she was an idiot).

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Cassandra said...

Not planet earth, or the atom was broken, but the hellish contraption itself - God has a sense of irony. Brilliant!