Sunday, 7 September 2008

IPCC Chief Says Go Vegetarian And Save The World From Climate Change

Rajendra Pachauri, a vegetarian, will tell normal people tomorrow to eat less meat because cows (which aren't eaten in India, just used as extremely efficient sources of inefficient and smoky fuel pats) produce methane which is 23 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide, although clouds of dihydrogen monoxide molecules also cause global warming.
A word to the wise, Dr Pachauri: the population of the Republic of India in 1947 was about 345 million; today it is about 1.132 billion. Might the increased population around the world have affected global temperatures and sustainability more than the naughty aid-providing capitalist West?


Harry Hook said...

Not to mention... nearly 1.132 billion farting vegetarians.

Gallimaufry said...

What other sort of vegetarian is there? How unfortunate that beans are a source of protein for them. I'm sure they more than cancel out any environmental advantage with the need to keep doors and windows open. :-(

Harry Hook said...

This is true. Also, I'm sure any benefits... dubious... by the use of energy saving light bulbs will be more than canceled out when people have to turn up the central heating. I survived in a student flat by heating it with a 60w bulb and have been known to cook with the saucepan resting on top of the lampshade.

Happy days.

Putz said...

i love a good steak, i personnally believe steak was put on earth for me to eat, not wander around the streets of delhi, maybe the less cows the less emmissions