Saturday, 6 September 2008

England 2008

What's the connection between these two stories A and B ? That's right, they could only happen in England. I don't like the country ****ed up by NuLab anymore but it was and is my country and I loved it. And did the lawyer in question receive life-threatening and disabling injuries?
As an aside to the second story, a week or so after 7/7 it was decided to hold a practice evacuation of the JobCentre in case a similar thing was tried again -as it was on 21/7. At a meeting of volunteer floor wardens I ventured the suggestion that the public should be advised that the evacuation was an exercise in case, as I phrased it, some of our neanderthal customers took it upon themselves to bring down extract from the building any bmes wearing rucksacks in a selfless action of misplaced courage. Subsequently the Building Manager informed me that another member had staff had taken exception to the term neanderthal, that she had never heard of but assumed it referred to muslims or south asians. To prevent a formal complaint being lodged I would have to apologise in person to all staff present at the meeting who might have been offended. Let's say I was shocked, stunned and utterly demoralised. I didn't want to work with ****ing idiots for colleagues. So if there are any neanderthals reading this, may I say that I respect, value and celebrate your community and the way it adds diversity to Britain. Needless to say, the day after 21/7, the Met got over-excited and shot Mr de Menezes seven times in the head on the tube. If only the unfortunate Brazilian had learned the phrase beloved by management "watch your back" he too would be as safe as those responsible.

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Putz said...

i.m the guy who thought your telephone boots were fisn and chipee stands, i am not neandrathal, but what you might call a dinosaur, the whole world has passed by me and i think i must have missed something....i fell that by blogging i might get back in touch....although i am america now , all my peolple are from manchester, more exact salford and i take great pride in that fact, as i can see from your blog, you are a bloke through and through....i mean have great love and pride in all "english"