Saturday, 30 August 2008

So Tories Hate Fatties But What about Anorexics?

Andrew Lansley recently railed against porky people saying it was their fault and they jolly well had to sort themselves out.
Strangely, there was no similar comment on the diametrically opposite condition of anorexia whereby people undereat in order to "regain control over their lives". Is it because fatties like chavs, white middle aged males and americans (except St Obama), are the only people that the PC ruling elite allow negative criticism of? Every other category has been accorded victim status - and think how much money is spent on whining smokers to make them stop. Are gays lectured by Alan Duncan to stop putting their bits where bits aren't meant to go? No, condoms and lubricants are dangled from trees on Hampstead Heath despite al fresco sex being illegal (for heterosexuals that is). What rankles is all the special interest groups, ie coalitions of vocal voters, demanding equality then expecting privileges on top which are provided by PC authorities, often to the embarrassment of the interest groups. I refer to councils banning eating at work by non-muslim staff during ramadan or censoring museum displays illustrating evolution following a complaint from a creationist. Yet where are the public health announcements panning all-over tribal costumes which result in vitamin D deficiencies in women an girls? They can't only have been published in non-English languages - and on that point English should be the official language of the UK with the addition of the various celtic dialects (Ulster Scotch is just a sap to parity of esteem) for the Scotch, Welch and Northern Irish regions.
Sign language translators should be provided at public expense but translators for other languages should be charged to users in order to encourage them to learn English and appreciate the cost of being British.
So, well done Andrew Lansley. You have managed to annoy me. I suggest you devote your energies in future to pissing off (as our hopeless bean-counter has said today) your Nulab and Libdim opponents. And think of ways to save public expenditure.

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