Saturday, 16 August 2008

SATS Marking Balls Up

And so with a last slimey squeeze Ed The Slug was free. Naughty ETS have lost the contract and £24.1million but who will mark next year's papers?
I have a proposal. Although most teachers have B Eds or PGCEs and so have been dunked in Socialist-Marxist cant for one or three years (the only way to get otherwise intelligent people to buy the Indy or Grauniad), they are still professionals *(despite the best efforts of the NUT to convince the world otherwise). As professionals they are best suited to assess the day-in-day-out qualities and weaknesses of the children they teach. And so it is class teachers who should mark papers set to a national standard and they should also add comments on each pupil. Marking to a set standard is easily done. Parents would have a more rounded idea of their child's progress, other schools would have the ability streaming information they need and Parliament would have information on how effectively taxpayers' money was being spent. Perhaps the new system could be called "The New End of Year Report".

*I realise that the Nulab regime has spent its time in power undermining the learned professions much like the Khmer Rouge bashed in the heads of people wearing glasses. But they do know what they are talking about - until they become MPs.

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