Saturday, 16 August 2008

Russia's Nuclear Threat To Poland

The price of Poland's decision to allow the US to base ABMs as a counter to possible missile strikes on Europe from rogue states is a threat by Russia to target Poland with nuclear warheads.
Given Russia's record of criminal behaviour against Poland - the Katyn Massacre was the worst of a series of unpunished outrages in recent history - the stupid bully Putin has helped to reinvigorate NATO. No country that has ever had Russian tanks parked on its front lawn wants them back.
Russia must be taught by patient, firm diplomacy that the Russia exemplified by her world class composers, writers and scientists is in her own best interests and that the brutishness of Ivan the Terrible no longer has a place in the world. Russia is strongest when she looks out and listens to the rest of the world and the world is safest when Russia feels strong.

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