Sunday, 31 August 2008


This is a government-funded organisation to make young people accept the tyranny of the compulsory ID brand. Today an email arrived:

Hi All,
We've got a quick fun-poll for you today. Just click on the appropriate answer:
In your wallet/purse how many items have information about you (e.g. credit card, driving licence, loyalty card etc)?
10 or more
Have a great weekend!
Matt G

So, instead of Identity Cards being A Good Idea because they prevent terrorism, the ID sponsors are now reduced to the very weak argument that as you carry ID already another piece of plastic won't do any harm. Wrong! I carry some or all of those items because I want to not because I face a £1000 fine for not showing it to anyone with a tin badge. It is a similar argument to that advanced by the CCTV fetishists who claim that "you have nothing to fear if you are doing nothing wrong". Excuse me, but if I am doing nothing wrong you have no need to look. Besides, how many people are identified from grainy, unfocussed CCTV images alone? Wouldn't it be better to recruit more Police Constables from former armed forces junior NCOs and arm them with courage, common sense and discretion. Targets and quotas will be retained for the policy wonks and government ministers sewing mailbags serving re-education sentences for criminal maladministration.


Deb Acle (aka Barely human now) said...

"courage, common sense and discretion."

Oh boy, I'll second that!

Remember, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary recently blanket described our police in an official report as being 'incompetent' and acting with 'bovine stupidity'.

CherryPie said...

Recruiting more Police Constables sounds like common sense to me.