Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mr Gadd And The Sex Offenders' Register

What's the need for an ex-famous glam rock star needing to sign a register in the Police Station (during opening hours) when he looks like he does? Easy to recognise and with little chance that his "style" will be copied. He won't disappear very easily but if he does it will infringe his human rights if the public is told.
I expect the repellent Glitter will be more at risk than a risk to others. The vigilante community will doubtless exhibit their moral superiority by attempting to assault him and cause criminal damage to his property. I hope he receives the same degree of police protection as any other citizen. In addition, there will doubtless be attempts to lure him into compromising situations with photographers ready in order to obtain out of court settlements and newspaper exclusives.
I despise the man and hope he lives a long life with ample opportunity to reflect on his turpitude and the effect it had on others so that he despises himself equally. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1973 prevents me from writing any more specifically on this subject so I will only write that the vast majority of teachers I knew at King Henry VIII School were wonderful. One was not. I guess it's like that at most schools.
I reckon the biggest problem faced by Mrs Jacqui Smith (The Best Dinner Lady We Never Had) is keeping hold of The Register for longer than a couple of weeks without it going missing. Is it chained to the desk like wood and leather bound tomes in monastery libraries or is it just a small Red 'n' black address book that can be kept in the office safe (combination in the Home Secretary's(3 bed semi-detached) office?

Update via Theo Spark from Saudi Arabia. It's a funny old world.

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Wolfie said...

Watching all this fuss in the news over Glitter all I find turning over in the back of my mind is that here a man his age with a 14 year old girl in a paedophile whereas in many parts of the world a man his age with a 14 year old girl is a groom.

Indeed there are some families near me from North Africa, the wife is about 20 now but when you do the maths, looking at the 4 children it dawns on you.... and they got a free house.