Saturday, 23 August 2008

Gordon Brown Is Desperate For Any Good News

So low are Gordon Brown and the Labour Party's standing in the opinion of the British public that any scrap of good news is grabbed and polished. The surprising but very welcome success of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team at the Peking Olympics is being gently spun to reflect some of the glory back on Leaden Broon. Good news at this time of rocketing energy and food prices combined with crap weather and Russian adventurism is welcome but I note that not even the most bovine pro-Government commentators have ascribed medal-winning to Government policies. There was a brief burst of jealousy against the perceived independent-school privileges of the rowers and yachties but that soon subsided. What really shows that we have a near-dead Labour regime and not a Tory government is the complete lack of any idiot rentanequalopps saying that the list of medal winners is "hideously white" and demanding affirmative action quotas to ensure that Britain's diversity is fairly represented across all its teams. The fact is, is that the Olympics are the least diverse and most unfair competitions because only the best have a chance of winning and only the very best on the day win.
Every medallist did well, everyone who competed did well, everyone who trialled but did not make the team did well and everyone who organised games from the grass roots up or took part in sports just for fun all contributed to greater or lesser degrees to the elites winning their medals.
I only hope that Olympic success will be celebrated with a decline of the pernicious footballing industry which sucks talent and resources into a televised tribal fest which rewards mediocrity with vast salaries.

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