Thursday, 14 August 2008

Georgia War Update

How awful that barely days after Russia's conscience, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, was buried the Ivan the Terrible half of the Russian psyche has reasserted itself.

With no word for cease fire the Russians appear to be retracing General Sherman's Civil War March to the Sea through Georgia* using absolute war tactics practised in Chechnya and developed by their grandfathers from the River Oder to Berlin. It seems there is no phrase in Russian for collateral damage as anything in front of a Russian gun barrel or rocket launcher that isn't Russian is considered a legitimate target.

It will be easier, when the fighting stops, to make a list of those sections of the relevant Geneva Conventions that the Russian armed forces have not broken.

The lack of Rentamob Stop-the-War demos**is surely proof of the long-term and widespread infiltration of the "peace" movement by the KGB and its FSB successor. Why are there no leftie trustafarians getting themselves arrested in Red Square by holding up Pro Georgia posters? Why hasn't there been a charity appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee? Why has only Save the Children launched an appeal in the UK?

Surely it is time to:

a) drive a tank across the pitch at Stamford Bridge to help defend Portsmouth from the disproportionate aggression of Chelsea;

b) stop buying Russian goods;

c) buy more Georgian goods.

d) send a message of support to the Georgian Embassy in London at 4 Russell Gardens, West KensingtonLondon, W14 8EZ. Russian hackers are playing merry hell with the official website so best leave off that for a while.

* I've heard nothing from Jimmah Carter about the invasion.

** but there has been a demo by Georgian expats outside the Russian Embassy in London.

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