Monday, 18 August 2008

Credible Evidence For Climate Change

I've been rather a sceptic about global warming, Al Gore and man-made climate change but this article from today's Daily Mail makes me think there could be something about it. This could be the wettest August since ..... 1912! And as we all know 1976 was the driest since records began (in 1913 presumably, because the archive was lost in the floods of August 1912). Our climate is changing but since climate is a thirty-year average of weather it is bound to be changing all the time given a variable weather system.
I will stick to my belief that sunspot and cosmic ray activity has more impact on world climate and take the view that it is better for the world to use cost-benefit analysed long-term solutions instead of bankrupting itself with achieving dogmatic Kyoto type targets. I tend to find out what John Selwyn Gummer believes and take a different view. Oh, and surely the massive increase in population in the last century has had something to do with it.


Aileni said...

Is Cow Gummer still on the loose ?
There is a widespread belief in the British Isles that Summer comes in July and August. Well. yes, the season does but that does not mean it will be 'summery'. 1976 was annomalous - do you remember what happened that September. Shorten the NH season like the Canadian one and Autumn comes a little sooner.
Nothing is fixed.
Was it Tewkesbury last year ?

wonkotsane said...

Climate change happens all the time, it's man-made climate change that's bollocks.

Gallimaufry said...

That would look great on a T Shirt!