Monday, 21 July 2008

Welfare Reform Is Not As Clever As James Purnell Thinks He Is

Thanks to Daily Mail

Mr Photoshop, James Purnell (extreme right in photo*), wants those sponging unemployed to pick up litter or clean graffiti in return for their benefits. I thought that those jobs were already done by Council employees or offenders under the restorative justice banner. Perhaps it offends the human rights of convicted criminals to be forced to work or there may be health and safety problems for them. Cleaning streets is dirty and hard work and I for one value the contribution that street cleaners and binmen make to society. Wouldn't it be fairer for unemployed people** to be given work more appropriate to their alleged levels of idleness? As MPs perhaps?

Summer Recess dates for the House of Commons:

22 July 2008 -
6 October 2008 (76 days)

Well the harvest has to be got in.
* Mr Purnell was delayed arriving so the official photo was doctored by an apparachik.
**An unemployed does not receive jobseekers allowance for up to 26 weeks if they are sacked for misconduct or leave their job voluntarily. Unemployed have to be looking for work as a condition of claiming jsa. If they do not satisfy the adviser they may be sanctioned and lose benefit.


kerri said...

Man, that's not even a good photoshop job. Looks like they did it with scissors and glue.

Gallimaufry said...

I'm sure there's a lots of people wanting to do Mr Purnell with scissors and glue: I couldn't possibly say.