Monday, 28 July 2008

Three Little Words That Damaged A Career

Black Man's Wheels. Saying that phrase caused a Superintendent in the West Midlands Police Service to be demoted one rank.
Surely he was celebrating the success of African-Caribbean entrepreneurs and professionals making the most of their talents and choosing to buy world-class automotive technology from Bavaria. Such role models are a beacon to underprivileged youth from inner cities and offer a positive aspiration. Respec' blud.
What else could the disciplinary panel have thought? Honi soit qui mal y pense.

To paraphrase Alexander Pope, is it fair to break Supt Chris Pretty on Black Man's Wheels? Do the police understand the concept of proportionality? Doubtless if he had been accused of fraud he would now be banking an out of court settlement and celebrating a promotion. Trebles and QPMs all round.

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Harry Hook said...

He fully deserves the demotion. All senior ranking fuzz should learn to get their facts right, especially as it is common knowledge that BMW stands for... Bob Marley and the Wailers!