Monday, 7 July 2008

The Son Of The Manse On Food - Back To Basics

Gordon has just reached his Back To Basics point of no return. Apparently, food is so expensive because we waste 4 million tonnes of it each year. A bit of arithmetic:

Population: 60 million and rising

4/60 = 0.0667 or 66.7kg per person per year or

66.7/365 = 0.183 kg per person per day

0.183kg = 6 1/2 ounces

However, does this figure include food reaching its sell-by date that supermarkets trash? (can't criticise supermarkets though)

What about the government sponsored healthy eating advice to leave some food on your plate? (mixed message from joined up government)

Does this include packaging and losses from preparation? (not everyone has a compost bin and leftovers are now verboten for chickens and pigs)

What Gordon wants is a return to the Ministry of Food and Woolton Pie for us. What I suggest is that all the restaurants in to Palace of Westminster are converted into British Restaurants and MPs' £20 daily food allowance is scrapped.

A word to the wise, Gordon. Every MP earns about three times the average wage; the total package available is £130,000. You are paid at least £190,000 meals and lodging included. May I suggest that you take a medium sized parsnip, peel it, season it and stick it in whichever of your orifices it pleases your goodself as one of your feral MPs advised his constituent recently. And don't tell me what to do about food - I will promise not to tell you to sell gold at the bottom of the market.


William Gruff said...

I work, from time to time and in a very lowly capacity, in what can correctly be called 'the food industry' and know well enough that waste from inefficiency in manufacturing is staggering. My latest, and last, position, in the packing hall of a confectionery manufacturer, afforded an opportunity to note that at least a skipful of processed sugar was thrown away each day, in that department alone. It is typical of Big Government to castigate the little man for waste when, as with water and fuel consumption and electricity use, the problem lies with business and industry.

Although Mrs Gruff and I do throw out fruit and vegetables, sometimes because we have forgotten to eat them but more often because they have 'gone off' before their sell-by date (due partly to the cheap and ineffective refrigerator furnished by the landlord), we waste little and our bin is usually filled with things like egg shells, fish and meat bones, vegetable peelings and (mostly) non-recyclable packaging that we would rather not be forced to pay for and dispose of.

It won't be long before we're all eating boiled cabbage and potato soup and drinking Victory Gin in Big Brother's canteens, and exhorted to make even further sacrifices in the cause of TWAT.

Gallimaufry said...

Thanks to Guido this is what Gordon will be eating today:
I hope he asks for a 持ち帰り袋 to bring any leftovers home in.
nb never ask for a doggy bag in a Korean restaurant.