Monday, 28 July 2008

Oriental Lily Amazing

It must be the sixth or seventh year we've had an amazing blossoming of the most wonderfully scent filled lilies on our patio. They were sent from Thompson & Morgan as part of a Daily Mail offer in return for newspaper coupons. If you would like to order similar bulbs click on this link.

All we do is top dress with about an inch of fresh potting compost each Spring while the bulbs are still dormant and sprinkle pelleted chicken manure over then and immediately flowering. The pots are watered with tub water daily, with a weekly seaweed drench on the leaves when in flower. Once the stalks have died down we move the plants somewhere out of the way t ooverwinter. Simple but beautiful.


CherryPie said...

I agree they are very beautiful :-)

Thud said...

I just showed these pics to my wife...she isn't very impressed by my own efforts...swine.