Friday, 4 July 2008

Friday Aircraft Recognition

Which is which?

And what is the connection of one of them with these?

A cryptic clue.


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Theo Spark could tell you, but I'm buggered if I can. Do tell, Gallif, me old mucker!

haddock said...

as a start JX is a Hunting Percival P56 Provost.Saw one at Farnborough years ago.
last is a late variant of the Mustang?
working on the others....

Gallimaufry said...

JX is indeed a Provost. Good luck with the remainder.

haddock said...

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
CA-25 Winjeel.
need more tea thi smorning before following your clue

Gallimaufry said...

Well done! They don't half look the identical from certain angles. I'm glad I didn't include the HPR 2
The other two aren't a Griffon Mustang or a Baltimore crossed with an Avenger if that's any help.

haddock said...

ah yes, more CAC aircraft the CA-4 Woomera and the CA-15 Kangaroo. Must admit that's a new one to me.... a very interesting dip into history.

The first two have a tail layout like the Scottish aviation Pioneer

Gallimaufry said...

And the connection is they were all designed and built by CAC in Australia. Interestingly, the only proposal for a Griffin Mustang prior to the Reno racers was a RR mid fuselage design with an extension shaft to a nose contraprop using only the tail and wings of a Mustang I. But the idea was dropped. The Westland P10 (early Eagle Wyvern study) had a similar layout btw.