Monday, 23 June 2008

Turn The Energy Saving Lights Off, England Will Be Empty Soon

With thanks to Iain Dale for bringing this to my attention. (We only have BBC News).
A gentleman called Marc Wadsworth has just got another gentleman called James McGrath (any relation to the cricketer?) sacked from his job as Boris Johnson's Chief Political Advisor (why does a politician need a political advisor anyway?). Apparently, when Mr Wadsworth quoted a Mr Darcus Howe (worth a google for past form on muggers) that the election of “Boris Johnson, a right-wing Conservative, might just trigger off a mass exodus of older Caribbean migrants back to our homelands”.
He [Mr McGrath] retorted: “Well, let them go if they don’t like it here.” McGrath dismissed [the] influential race commentator Howe as ‘shrill’.
I'm sorry but how is the above retort racist? If people do not like the policies of a democratically elected government or local authority they are still allowed to leave this country of their own free will as this Telegraph article shows. Or they can vote the corrupt bastards out at the next election. I can't find any trace of an article by Mr Wadsworth berating Nulabour for not accommodating the lifestyle choices of the 2 million British-born emigres since 1997. And describing Mr Howe as "shrill" is a personal opinion, albeit one contrary to the Glorification of Lefties, Suppression of Dissent Act, 1997.
And so Mr McGrath has quietly departed the crease after a highly questionable decision by the umpire with only a few runs on the board. Imagine the brouhaha if Boris sacked some pro-Castro, Chavez, Che, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao or Lumumbaists on the entirely justifiable grounds that their politics were not consistent with working for a democraticallyaccountable local authority.
Chalk one up to Freedom of Speech, Left Wing Style.

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