Friday, 20 June 2008

Tony Blair and Afghanistan

According to a report in the Daily Mail in November 2002 Tony Blair said:

"Nobody should be in any doubt at all about our commitment to Afghanistan.
We believe it is of fundamental importance to our own security to stick with it and see the job through."

In July 2006 Tony Blair pledged whatever was required and said "work being carried out in Afghanistan by the British troops was "absolutely vital" for the future of the country and wider international security...If the Taliban get a foothold back in Afghanistan, then the very reasons following September 11 why we had to go into Afghanistan will all reappear with all the consequences for our own security and the security of the wider world."

In August 2006 Lance Corporal Ross Nicholls of the Household Cavalry was one of three soldiers killed and his Grandmother said "Tony Blair should send his sons out there and see how it feels. We want our boys brought back. Our boys are fighting in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that they don't understand....They join up to take the king's shilling and then find they are not fighting the enemy after all. They get sent to places where no-one wants them."In October 2006 again according to the Daily Mail he pledged full support to our troops in Afghanistan and said ""It has been very, very tough, it was always going to be tough,"..."Whenever you go into a battlefield situation like that, there are always things that you learn, there are always things that come at you in a more intense way than you expect."
Blair said the NATO forces must stay in the country. "It is of huge significance to the whole security in the world," he said. "It is part of a NATO mission and we should see it through."

On 23 November 2006 the Daily Mail reported equipment shortages.

On 17 June 2008 the casualty toll in Afghanistan reached 106 as 4 soldiers are killed by a bomb blast in a Snatch Landrover that Richard North of EUReferendum blogged was lethal two years before. The blame is shared by the Politicians racing into an underfunded war without thinking and the Top Brass wanting to save their spendiong money for toys they wanted instead of vehicles that were needed.

And what of Tony Blair's son mentioned in August 2006? Did he go to Afghanistan like Prince Harry? England is a free country with volunteer professional armed forces and newly commissioned officers only get £23,475.24 plus allowances. What sort of a house would that buy?

I only hope that people don't buy into the old canard that because so many have already died in Afghanistan it would devalue their sacrifice if we pulled out now. Just think how many soldiers lives will be saved if the Afghans are allowed to get on with their tribal primitivism and religious fundamentalism with just the occasional intervention of Hellfire or Tomahawk missiles guided to their targets by UAVs if terrorist training camps are set up outside Pakistan again. The frontline of the next war is the workstations of our UAV pilots or the operations rooms of our ships and submarines. We must secure our national borders and control entry to preserve our national security. Building toilets in Helmand may tick Nulab luvvies boxes but does nothing to prevent an attack on innocent Britons at home by malcontents jizzed up with DVD or internet rants.

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