Sunday, 29 June 2008

Time To Revive Little England

The term "Little Englander" has had a negative meaning since it was coined during the Second Boer War of 1899-1901. It first mean someone who was against or neutral to the British Empire. However, with the winding up of the Empire and the unfortunate growth of internationalist Socialists and LibDems, the term has been ascribed to patriots and eurosceptics.
That's fine with me as I define myself as an English Patriot and Global Free Trader. The watchword of our foreign policy should be "Mind Your Own Business" and military intervention should be undertaken only where English interests are directly threatened. Otherwise, the age old English skills of trade and compromise ought to be the main weapons in our armoury.
"Mind Your Own Business" also accepts that, although foreigners have many things to be admired, they also have many disagreeable habits. Now, it's all very well to get up on our hind legs and point this out to foreigners but they are seldom grateful to have their deficiencies remarked upon and still less to have them corrected for their own good. So, let's just let them work out their problems themselves. We have done it ourselves several times.
So when you next hear the taunt "Little Englander" , smile genially at the misguided busybody, wave back and return to the crossword or lawn mowing.

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