Saturday, 14 June 2008

This Insults All Coventrians

BBC Report: Warning this contains offensive images.

I am disgusted by the news that a Sikh war memorial has been desecrated in Coventry by sticking a pig's head on it. In effect, they have also vandalised the monument in the Memorial Park or the Cenotaph because the remembrance by one community of its sacrifice in war is part of the city's and nation's remembrance. So I'm very angry and sad in equal measure.
Anyway, here's a picture to commemorate the vital role of Sikhs in the service of the Crown up to the present day. I know my Granddad, ex-8th Army, was always proud to march with his comrades on Remembrance Sunday.

Sikh Troops in Burma 1945


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely discraceful. Most Sikh's in WW2 were volunteers who died to help protect Britain and free Europe for the threat of a cruel dictatorial regime. we owe them much, to insult them is shameful and disgusting

Gallimaufry said...

Indeed, the Indian Army was an all volunteer force and several million Indians rallied to the colours in WW2 serving in all theatres.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather served with Sikhs from 1941 till the end of the war.

He spoke very highly of their bravery and honour.

Sikh soldiers have done much for the safety and security of Britain. Their battle dead should be treated as heroes in Britain.

I wonder if this atrocious act was not done by muslims? Tensions between the religions are long standing.

Gallimaufry said...

Thank you for your respectful comments about the Sikh soldiers who served Britain so loyally and bravely. May I salute your grandfather's contribution to freedom.
I doubt it very much that the attack was done by Muslims because the pig is haram or unclean to them. I reckon it was a cowardly act by very nasty and ignorant people who would have been pleased for the Nazis to win - until the trucks came for them.
Just like the Sikh regiments of the Indian Army before independence, the Muslim regiments also have a proud history of skill and courage in the service of the the British Empire. And many of those regiments maintain their great traditions today in the Indian and Pakistani Armies.
I agree that every soldier who falls in the line on duty should be treated as a hero. It is a pity that artificial distinctions like race and religion are misused to separate people who are united in comradeship by their gallantry.
For all the British and Commonwealth war dead:
At the going down of the sun,
We will remember them.