Friday, 13 June 2008

Some Good Moustache News From Afghanistan

A jolly decent RAF pilot called Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball who is on an exchange tour with the USAF has won a battle with the miserable Puritans who deemed that his undernose handlebar was unAmerican and made him look like that dang Commie Joseph Stalin. They even made General Robin Olds, an ace in WW2 and Vietnam and CO 1 Sqdn RAF in 1946 shave his handlebar off. That act of official stupidity led to Moustache March.

Thankfully, Queen's Regulations came to the aid of this modern day Prune and he has been allowed to keep the taches in their full glory. A great victory from a worthy heir of the shades of Biggin Hill and Waddington and Pablo Mason below:

Next week the USAAF will admit that its insistence on calling aeroplanes "airplanes" or "ships" is utterly daft. Remember that the RAF and its predecessors the RFC and RNAS were flying when Pontius was still current.

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