Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A Solution To The Oil Price And Recycling?

Mr Singh, our local cornershop owner has had a brilliant idea. He has increased the price of tins of baked beans to £1.39 by 15p jumps over the past few weeks. Now the number of tins on the shelf has remained the same and there's only so many baked beans one can eat before every bath's a jacuzzi. But his customers keep on buying, indeed they buy an extra tin in case the price goes up again.
I said to Mr Singh, "Why don't you do this with oil? You could become a millionaire." "What are you talking about?" he replied, "It's the tomato sauce that people like, they wouldn't buy beans in oil."

Now my opinion of commodities brokers is possibly unfair but they probably won't notice so long as the money keeps rolling into their accounts and they undoubtedly play a vital role in the operation of the global free market and the business plans of Porsche and Ferrari.

What I suggest is for a bright financial spark to see the investment (money-making) possibilities of waste that is currently laboriously and expensively recycled by bearded veggies and suchlike. If only the red-braced geniuses thought as one "Paper pulp futures, bottles and tins, batteries.... mmmm...profit" and dolloped their cyber dollars and pounds into rubbish. Would it improve the crude oil price or would it merely create a market for Ferrari dustcarts?

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