Saturday, 7 June 2008

So Let's Invade France

After William The Bastard stole the Crown of England from Harold in 1066 there was at least the compensation that the English throne also controlled the Duchy of Normandy. As English kings learned to speak more English and so improved, further wars, dynastic sucession and marriages added Anjou , Brttany, Gascony, Maine, Aquitaine, Touraine, Auverne, Berry Lamarke, Calais and Poitou at various times . Unfortunately, those possessions were gradually recaptured by the French until by 1453 only Calais remained and Bloody Mary lost that a century later.
But this report about the dire state of the French armed forces in today's Daily Telegraph cheered me up no end. Now's our chance, even with Nulabour's attrition of our own forces, to cross the channel by tunnel and ferry and launch a D Day II campaign to regain our birthright.
As Henry V said * "I'll be back." We'd be at the Pyrenees within a fortnight or a week if we pretend to be Germans.

*in an unreleased scene included as an extra in the Director's Folio.

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