Sunday, 29 June 2008

Snatch Landrover To Be Replaced In Afghanistan

Well it only took dozens of preventable deaths and serious injury before the Army decided to do something according to this report in today's Sunday Telegraph.
I'll be keeping my eye on the Witham-SV site where redundant SAxon APCs have recently turned up.
With the blinkered mindset that ensures promotion in any groupthink organisation, the Army are considering more 6x6 Mastiffs, 4x4 Ridgebacks that weigh about 25 tons and 15 tons respectively to replace the 3.6 ton Snatch. I applaud the desire to procure Rolls-Royce quality but wish it could be combined with Jaguar agility. There are several possible replacements for the Snatch in the 5-6 ton class with Nato Stanag 4569 Level 2 protection like the REVA and RAM2000. Will these be considered?

Alternatively, and most improbably (because they frighten horses), why not procure several squadrons' worth of 4-6 seat helicopters with decent hot and high capability? Very few helicopters have been lost to land mines. And it's safer to carry troops in several small helis than one Chinook/Merlin.


Anonymous said...

i wish you just said 42 Mastiffs and 16 Ridgebacks. Very odd.

Gallimaufry said...

Problem with heavy vehicles like Mastiff and Ridgeback is that they are limited in the main to travelling routes with upgraded bridges and culverts. Going cross-country to avoid likely roadside IED/ ambush sites increases wear and tear. In addition, lighter vehicles can be flown into and around theatre more easily.