Thursday, 12 June 2008

Operation Mincemeat MkII

News reports that extremely secret documents relating to Al-Quaeda were "accidentally" left on a Surrey-bound train yesterday morning and then handed into the BBC stink of conspiracy as much as a fortnight old corpse washed up on the shore. Jacqui "I wants to make your flesh creep" Smith and Gordon "42 days" Brown needed every vote (and indeed only won by 9 DUP votes) to get their draconian measure through the House of Commons. Odd that the alleged owner of the numbered document worked in the Cabinet Office. I predict that the frantic enquiries will go cold now. Remember that Ministers may authorise the release of any information.

Update 14 June: Apparently, more documents were found on the same train. Someone was either extremely forgetful or disgruntled. I recall SH instructions were to keep files locked in a twin buckled briefcase (we had an ER cypher on our obsolete office briefcase which wasn't strictly allowed because it drew attention, but our jobs were 99.9% boring) and the case had to be held at all times. And that was just for the lowest grades of restricted files.

Operation Mincemeat was the codename for the successful ruse to place a Major Martin RM in the Atlantic off neutral Spain carrying documents hinting that Sardinia might be attacked instead of Sicily.


William Gruff said...

My father had, and may still have, a copy of The Man Who Never Was, which told the story behind that operation.

Gallimaufry said...

Captain Montagu's book and the subsequent film were, like all the best stories of subterfuge, onion skins of truth surrounding another truth. The current truth is found at: but there may be a file in the National Archives or a train (!) that could cast a new light on things.