Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Nothing Is Too Good For Our Peers

£100 million on an office building for 117 members of the House of Lords (plus an extra £120 million if a tunnel under the road is built*). A Baroness D'Souza claims the cost should be spread out over the "100 year" ** life of the building, presumably to make the average cost per peer less than £10,000. But any ful kno that buildings need maintenance and refurbishment and over the proposed hundred year lifetime that cost will be at least as much again before inflation is factored in. Running costs. Presumably a mere bagatelle to someone who stated that peers work for tuppence (up to £48,000 per year provided they sign in on each day the House sits (150)).

My question is " These Lords and Ladies do not represent constituents. If they have ministerial jobs they will have offices in their departments' hq buildings. Why should HM Taxpayer pay for offices for amateur politicians when they ought to make use of their London clubs' facilities or their town houses?"

* if they're not safe crossing the road why are they allowed to make laws?
** why not 1000 years?

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