Thursday, 12 June 2008

MPs Allowances: What Price Democracy?

£200 million of extra Northern Ireland spending for nine DUP votes * to save Gordon's neck works out at £22.22 million each. That puts Margaret Beckett's £6,500 rockery into perspective. Or looked at another way, it's over £4.75 million for each of those 42 very expensive days. Send the bill to Anne Widdecombe** who will just have to write more novels.

* Hat tip to Steve Green's Daily Referendum for this figure.

** will David Cameron remove the whip from this anti-foxhunting figure of ridicule? She was the only opposition dupe, ie non DUP MP, to vote for this obscene publication.

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Daily Referendum said...

It's been a bad day. DUP bought off and Lib Dem Peers ordered to vote against the referendum. Corrupt isn't the word.

P.s thanks for the link!