Wednesday, 4 June 2008

More Needs To Be Spent On Defence No4526

No, it doesn't. Much less must be wasted and spending must be closely tied to what is needed to counter immediate threats. Thanks to the bells and whistles future-proofing and "I remember when instrument panels had brass foot plates screwed on them to help get more leverage pulling out of dives but I still keep an eye on new technology" mentality of the more senior members of the decision making process we get the "Special Forces Chinook" fiasco. Or how to spend twice times as much as necessary on helicopters that lurk in the hangar for eight years waiting to be fixed.
The problem was doubtless due to the inability of decision makers atop the food chain to properly value the experience and knowledge of the bottom feeders who discover the problems. It's understandable that senior managers want to keep their protected positions of power because what else justifies their existence? Consequently, the only means available to transmit unfavourable information or alternative solutions upwards is through the use of proteges. These proteges have been vetted to have similar characteristics to the senior management. And so the system is perpetuated and the waste in the MoD and the whole Civil Service continues. Believe me, I've been there and lost all motivation as a result.

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