Tuesday, 3 June 2008

More Muslim Appeasement: Hug A Taliban

The ever wonderful Jacqui Smith's Home Office (motto: Doh!) has decided that young muslims who get themselves into extremist organisations and want to become terrorists are in fact mixed-up lads who need a hug and should be kept out of chokey. According to the Daily Telegaph:

"The plan includes a suggestion that local councils should map their areas religion, surveying and recording the faiths and denominations of local residents." I'm a Jedi Knight, mind your own business (eg bin collections and streetlights).

The Home Office plans to pay a jizya* of almost £12.5 million to community groups that "challenge the messages of violent extremists".

So let me get this right. If you wish to overthrow the democratically elected government of this country by violent means and replace it with a caliphate you are not committing treason? Why shouldn't repressed twerps with low self-esteem who get their rocks off watching snuff movies be treated with the same disdain as run-of-the-mill pedos and be prosecuted accordingly?

And the taxpayer is funding religious and ethnic based groups to encourage their fellow believers not to break the criminal laws of our country? Are white working class groups to receive similar moneys to challenge the messages of the BNP?

Third question: why is it only islam that appears to cause such problems on such a scale? I don't think HMG bunged Father Ted a tenner during the Troubles to tell people to go easy on the Brits/

Third-and-a-half question: why is it our responsibility to help them sort their own problems out?

*jizya: according to Robert Spencer "The Quran spells out the payment of the jizya (poll- or head-tax; Sura 9:29), which is the most conspicuous means by which the Muslim overlords exploit the dhimmi. But the jizya is not merely economic in its function; it exists also to humiliate the dhimmi and impress on him the superiority of Islam. Al-Maghili, a fifteenth century Muslim theologian, explains:
On the day of payment {of the jizya} they {the dhimmi} shall be assembled in a public place like the suq {place of commerce}. They should be standing there waiting in the lowest and dirtiest place. The acting officials representing the Law shall be placed above them and shall adopt a threatening attitude so that it seems to them, as well as to others, that our object is to degrade them by pretending to take their possessions. They will realize that we are doing them a favor in accepting from them the jizya and letting them go free. (Al-Maghili, quoted in Bat Ye'or, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, 361.)"

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