Saturday, 14 June 2008

Ironic Isn't It

When the Party that passed the Human Rights Act 1998 with all its wonderful protection for the individual against the actions of the State has this week won a vote in the House of Commons to increase the length of time an innocent person may be detained against their will without charge to 42 days.
When David Davis announces he is resigning his seat to fight for re-election in the honourable cause of civil liberties like Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, the Bill of Rights, he is derided by the political intelligentsia for personal vanity and grandstanding as if the ordinary citizen does not bother about constitutional rights and wrongs so long as photographs of convicted terrorists can be shown on the Six O'clock Hate/News.
When the Speaker leads a publicly-funded attempt to block the publication of selected MPs expense claims (but fails thanks to clear-sighted Judges).
When Stuart Wheeler has to seek a judicial review over the government's refusal to hold a referendum on the Lisbon EU Constitutional Treaty despite that being a manifesto promise.
When the EU is already ignoring the Irish No vote on the Treaty and pressing on with the project to denationalise Europe.
That the Peasant's Revolt took place 627 years ago about this time of the year.

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