Monday, 30 June 2008

I'm sick of this blogging lark

I've been thinking about giving up blogging for a month or so now and the beautiful sunshine outside has helped me decide to pack it in.
I started this blog last year as a bit of fun, a diary that was open to the blogosphere. I've blogged on topics I've been interested in and sometimes I've received comments for which I'm very grateful.
But what pisses me off about the blogosphere is the cliqueyness of it all. I've been different all my life and as a result, despite my best efforts, have suffered ostracism and isolation. I thought that in the darkness of cyberspace all were equal but experience has proved otherwise. If you're not accepted as a protege of the top rank of bloggers then you are out in the cyberwilderness. Theo Spark is a notable exception and I am deeply grateful for his assistance and encouragement. But others, like Mrs Dale, Remittance Man, Laban Tall and EUReferendum either treat my contributions with disdain or fail to give the courtesy of hat tips. I am disappointed by you. I expected more.
I will continue with Gallimaufry & Chips but it will become a private blog on 1 July. I will remain in the public blogosphere as a commenter but under a new nom de plume. To all those whose comments I treasure, good luck and thanks for all the fish.


William Gruff said...

Your blog is one of my daily must reads (I usually visit more than once a day) and I will miss it.

Chris Abbott said...

I know what you mean, but I still blog on anyway! I'm sorry you're "going private" - good luck for the future!

Anonymous said...

Don't do it lad... us sane people have got to stick together.


Quiet_Man said...

I read your blog at least once a day, though I'm afraid to say I rarely comment other than a nod of agreement with the content.
Trying to compete with the big blogs is not something I aspire too I have my take on things and they have theirs, I rarely feel the need for a hat tip from others, though where possible I always give credit where its due.
Good luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

I have found your comments on things military{past and present}very interesting and will miss your blog. Good luck for the future.

Djaym said...

Also sorry to read this latest post. Hope you will return in the (not too distant) future. Kind regards

Tally said...

Be your own man,bugger everyone else, you don't need hat tips. What counts is you're blogging for an English Parloiament. Good Lad.

Gallimaufry said...

Many thanks for all your kind comments. I will still read your blogs to cheer myself up and nick ideas.

Anonymous said...

As a lay reader rather than a blogger I will miss your rather quirky blog, I have always enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fella,

Don't give up! I've only just found you a couple of weeks ago via Theo.

I suppose I'm a lurker as in I didn't post before now but I enjoy your blog.

If you give up, many thanks for your hard work.