Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How Can Asda Charge 2p For A Sausage?

I'm sorry but this sales ploy by Asda turns my stomach. Not because I have any doubt about the quality of the meat or the proportion of cereal filler. Even mechanically recovered meat and the other parts of porkers used are edible. I have been making sausages for nearly fifteen years now (a relatively easy and satisfying task) or else I buy excellent sausages from Coventry's world-renowned John Taylor & Son in Earlsdon.
No, what shrinks my tripes is a supermarket using meat as a subsidized loss-leader. Whether the supplier has been asked to bear the cut in price from 54p for eight bangers to 16p (and given the state of the British pig industry, I hope it's a Dutch or Danish producer) or Asda has absorbed the costs itself or increased other prices to compensate is immaterial. Each sausage is made from what was a live pig and effectively valuing its life at a throwaway 2p is utterly disrespectful to those animals. And if food and hence farm animals aren't treated with respect, it is inevitable that human life becomes devalued. Is it any wonder the incidence of murders and assaults has risen with the increasing affordability of meat patty buns, kebabs and spiced fried chicken? 99p for 4oz of beef, 8-12 years for a life, 1 year for a wounding on a bad day in court.

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