Sunday, 22 June 2008

Gordon Brown Takes His Drip-Tray To Saudi Arabia

Oh for the old days when Scotsmen only thought about oil as a grievance against the Sassenachs (It's all oors!) or as a cooking medium.

Why has Gordon Brown (left) gone to Saudi Arabia * when the real causes of the $140 barrel of oil are the speculators in London and New York engaged in a new round of tulipomania?

Is it because in that advanced democratic state with equal rights for camels and women there is no way he can repeat the fumbled handshake and Christmas office party kissing to which he subjected Laura Bush?

"Will ye no buy some ma' Typhoons or Snatch Rovers fra' oor MoD? We'll gie a discoont fa' oil."
Update: same talks in London three months' time.

Anyway, I thought about the scene between Mark Lester as Oliver and Harry Secombe as Mr Beadle in the film Oliver:
So, as the old joke goes, Oliver few more million barrels of oil, sheikh.
* using all that JetA-1 or JetB and emitting loads of carbon from the Broon Bomber

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