Monday, 2 June 2008

Are Our Police Institutionally Racist?

Three recent news items have prompted me to ask this question. Let's first define what Lord Macpherson meant by institutional racism.

Firstly, West Midlands Police and CPS paid £50,000 damages and £50,00 legal costs to Channel 4 after investigating the makers of the Dispatches programe "Undercover Mosque" for stirring up racism whilst ignoring the evidence of fundamentalist hate crime and incitement by the mosque's preachers.
Secondly, two Christian evangelists (not my cup of tea but freedom of speech doesn't ask how many sugars) were threatened with arrest by a PCSO for distributing religious leaflets in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham. Note the quote from West Midlands Police,"'Following this investigation, the PCSO has been offered guidance about what constitutes a hate crime and advice on communication style".
Thirdly, the truth is now being told about brave have-a-go heroine Special Constable Nishi Patel-Nasri who was murdered by a hit man so her husband could collect the life insurance and live with a Lithuanian escort. (Apparently, that version is not true). Or it might be.

Well, I'm saying nothing. I'm not going to be treated like Robin Page*, common sense policing or not.

*as the Telegraph website is playing up try googling "Robin Page" and click on this link address :


William Gruff said...

Robin Page is a dead link.

Gallimaufry said...

He seemed a jovial peasant (his words) when I met him - link has been revived. Ta.