Sunday, 15 June 2008

Afghanistan Tactics Change: It's Iran, Stoopid!

Sorry to interrupt the referendum/42 day debates but there are two wars ongoing.
Here's a bit of gen that might have been in those documents found on the train.

With the success of the Surge campaign in Iraq against insurgents, Iran has withdrawn its terrorist advisors and reduced the quantity of support to maintenance levels to prevent substantial relocaton of US forces to Afghanistan and redirected its resources there. The change in tactics from suicide bombers to more organised attacks using a variety of weaponry and mobility indicates that the amateur religious beserking of the Taliban has been supplanted with more technically advanced Hizbollah and Hamas style tactics. And who trains and bankrolls Hezbollah and Hamas? Iran and Syria.

The result of the change in tactics has been a rise in Coalition casualties in the short term but the new-found willingness of the Taliban to fight in larger numbers means that more can be captured or killed. The Coalition can only take advantage of this opportunity with increased intelligence from all sources and increased tactical mobility.

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