Thursday, 19 June 2008

Abu Qatada: Jacqui Smith Missed An Opportunity

So, popular Abu Qatada can't be deported to Jordan and can't be kept in chokey so he has to stay at home for 22 hours a day. As part of the rigorous bail conditions, Qatada is banned from communicating with or meeting several named people including Osama Bin Laden. What a missed opportunity to catch OBL that is. If only Qatada could be given the chance to meet his erstwhile lefthand boss at a local greasy spoon for a cup of tea and a natter* the War Against Terror could be quickly brought to an end with nary more than a Dixonian "Finish your egg and chips mate you're nicked." It's either there or the local Jobcentre: I'm sure I saw Osama sign on several times before his Incapacity Benefit claim was accepted.
One query: will Abu Qatada have to use some of his 2 hours a day out of the house allowance to put the bins out - can't he be deported for putting stuff in the wrong bin?

* I don't think Al-Qaeda frequent Starbucks "£2.50 for a cup of frothy coffee? I despise your infidel dcadence!"

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