Sunday, 11 May 2008

Why doesn't China help Burma?

The great and good Simon Jenkins has a par for the course comment piece in the Times about intervening in Burma to help the cyclone survivors. He whines that the West is too involved in Afghanistan and Iraq to help. Which they are: there's a war on. He's talking bollocks of course when he describes as giant a 20 ton payload Hercules. It's just an expensive flying truck. So why haven't those nice Olympic hosts and neighbours of Burma, the Chinese government, sent in aid on a massive scale or persuaded their friends in the junta to allow aid NGOs into Burma? Instead they, with South Africa, (both friends of Mugabe) refused to allow the security council to even debate the scandal on the grounds that it is an internal matter.
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So, may I advise all the Olympians with their "Don't mix Politics and Sport mantra" (ie, there's money in this, so shut up) that their sports kit isn't smelling of sweat but the putrescent stench of stagnant water tainted with corpses and sewage. Wear your medals with pride when you come back from China, boys and girls.

Here's how to spend more wisely the money you were going to give so freely to Tessa Jowell and Sebastian Coe for the 2012 thingy:

Donate to the combined appeal fund for Burma

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Thud said...

China was the first thing I thought of when this happened..our fawning media in the west can't stop telling us about the rising power eclipsing America...result...nothing! if the generals let the U.S. military in the poor sods would be replete with big macs in hours.