Friday, 23 May 2008

Bank Holiday on Monday 26 May

I have been asked by a reader overseas to explain what a Bank Holiday is. In England we value the contribution made to the nation's well-being by those heroes behind the armoured glass so much that everyday thousands of citizens slowly march back and forth within banking halls in mute testament to them.
In addition, our public holidays honour those individuals whose careers raise them above the heads of their colleagues in that vital industry. Consequently, the bank holiday at the start of May recognises the achievements of Nick Leeson in the early nineties. Ironically, many claim that Leeson rose to brilliance because his managers were on holiday, but that should not take any shine off his success. This coming Monday will be a day of DIY and traffic jams to salute popular slaphead Adam Applegarth whose risky strategy sunk Northern Rock at a cost to the taxpayer of untold £ billions.
Bankers of England we salute you!


Anonymous said...

i am from barbados
i know what a bank holiday iz

Gallimaufry said...

And I know that 28 April is National heroes Day.