Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Really Useful Aeroplane Website.

I stumbled across the Virtual Aircraft Museum the other day. Really interesting to see the number of prototypes that were built in the golden age because of the difficulty of upscaling wind-tunnel data and carrying out complex mathematical modelling. Computers (then that was a job title) have made things ... I was going to say easier .... differently difficult. Certainly the art has been entirely replaced by science.

Anyway, check out the designs produced by France in the late forties, fifties and sixties. And there's always the great British classics to savour when every other hangar seemed to be a prototype shed.

A bit of plane spotting from the site with thanks:

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Lurker said...

A good find, a reminder of when we actually had industry.

Of course we dont need that now, not when we are all going to be game designers and DJs etc.