Monday, 28 April 2008

Here's something easy for Jacquie Smith to sort out on Monday morning

thanks to the BBC for the lovely photo of a lovely family

Give Mrs Samantha Crozier British citizenship now so she can live in Britain with her British husband and children. She's a Canadian married to a British soldier and lived in Canada and Germany where L/Cpl Crozier was stationed with the REME. That means she has to leave the UK and apply from Canada. The rule is meant to protect the immigration system from abuse. Ha! Anyone who believes that is as simple as Harriet Harman's password*. If a rule is stupid change it.

Just pretend she has no links to this country, speaks no English and is the fourth wife of a terrorist and so can use the Human Rights Act. There, that wasn't difficult.

Yay! Small wins! Now to choose which biscuit to have first with my first cup of tea.....
* it wasn't "password".


Harry Hook said...

It couldn't possibly be username: harriet password: harman?... as that would be far too well encrypted for our ruling fuckwits.

With regard to the Samantha Crozier issue, I'm just fed up to the back teeth with this kind of blatant racism. I wish them well.

Gallimaufry said...

Revealing the password would put me in chokey for up to 28 cooked breakfasts for contravening Article 3 of SI 23/2008 Terrorism (Prevention of Embarrassment to Nulab Nomenklatura)(Secret Provisions.
Please post on your blog about the Crozier case. The more mentions that crop up on google the better the publicity.