Monday, 7 April 2008

Gordon Brown Has A New Helper

Ex-BBC producer Nicola Burdett has been hired (presumably with some of that old 10p tax rate money that pensioners and poorer workers bought food with but which has now been snaffled by HMG) to ensure that our popular Premier will avoid the presentational gaffes such as tucking his trouser legs into socks, orange bindis, swastika websites and the nigh impossible to stop nose-picking that he has become famous for - yeah, apart from the thousand years of unparalleled growth and prosperity.

I looked into pay rates for similar jobs and it would appear that Ms Burdett will be taking a sizeable salary cut. Still, it's a good job for people who want to make a difference. I applaud her public-spiritedness.

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Thud said...

I've never been keen on this nation building crap...if we need to fight then we need to destroy the enemy asap...if they rebuild and want to cause trouble again then off we go blood and money it would work out cheaper for us both short and long term.