Thursday, 27 March 2008

Someone Explain What Des Browne Does

News Item 1
photo thanks to RAF (Gulf War 1991).

RAF bans pinup nose art from aircraft in case it offends women (no reports made) or muslims (what doesn't?)
News Item 2

(contents not included)

The RAF launches a bikini with diamante roundels (yes, I hadn't noticed them until I read the words). Still, I suppose it's an improvement on the old WAAF "passion-killers". Where does one attach one's wings?

So Des, being a man of conscience who does what he's told to do or doesn't have to depending on who tells him, (confusing isn't it) has apparently taken the line that the bikini's ok because it can be sold to someone. Morale and tradition isn't important because the PC brigade can bully to get results in the short term.

Let's have this printed on every bomb dropped in Afghanistan. He will never get a pint in Kabul again.

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M123 said...

I agree with you, MoD overreacted by totally banning nose art (haven't they), how on earth a shark mouth's going to offend anyone, then I bet someone with Sharkophobia would attack the MoD