Friday, 29 February 2008

That Prince Harry Thing

I had posted two items about the crass red-necked stupidity of the notorious Matt Drudge. Secrets are usually there for a purpose rather than in order to cover the idiocy of politicians. Apparently, the leftie know all, Jon Snow of Channel 4 News thought it was a great story to break. It was blarted out in an Aussie mag in January but ignored (but still usefully filed on a nail in the dunny). The excellent Richard North posted that we and the Taleban knew it weeks ago (he should stand at the other end of the bar in future). But, he kept quiet. So if it was such an open secret, why is Prince Harry being withdrawn now?

Well done Lt Harry Windsor. We are all proud of you.

When will a scion of the Labour Nomenklatura go out to Afghanistan? Will Dan Snow take his magic sand box to Helmand?

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thud said...

Jon Snow was beyond contempt the other night..his hateful "couldn't he(Harry) just be a banker" was a joy to behold...a total piece of shit.