Friday, 1 February 2008

MV Riverdance Stranded On Blackpool Beach

The truck ferry MV Riverdance got into difficulties in the Irish Sea on a journey from Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland to Heysham in Lancashire when high waves caused the deck cargo to shift, the ship to develop a 60 degree list and the engine room put out of action. In an excellent piece of seamanship the Captain and crew safely beached the ship on Blackpool Beach. They were then rescued at night in 70mph gales by an RAF Sea King helicopter in a routine display of understated heroism and skill.
Environmental experts said that the risk of long term pollution resulting from the incident was low provided the Riverdance was given a good clean in drydock once refloated.

Update 5 April. Alas MV Riverdance is now a constructive loss and will be scrapped. To avoid needless repetition, I have copied and pasted several excellent sites below. The only good news is that that the duty crew from 22 SAR Sqdn received an award for their skill and bravery. And thanks go to the two RNLI boats who risked their lives as well.


daverizney said...

The RAF were one of three helicopters on scene that night, not the only one. The RAF winched off 8 crew members then the Royal Navy from HMS Gannet winched off a further 6 in exactly the same conditions. Whilst I agree their bravery is commendable, surely this should also be extended to the Royal Navy duty crew that evening, who, despite playing as vital part in the rescue as the RAF, have recieved no awards or recognition for their part. I hope these facts can be highlighted in any further reporting of this incident. Thank you

Gallimaufry said...

Indeed. Thank you very much. I have updated the post with a link to the RN website page which reports on the crew's courage, skill and teamwork.