Wednesday, 13 February 2008

EU Commission Bans Dakota Pleasure Flights From 16 July 2008

brilliant photo with thanks to Nick Winch from BBC C&W website

The wonderful EU Commission has apparently decided that Airbus needs an extra bit of under the counter assistance and so has voted on something called EU-Ops. Basically, it means that all passenger aircraft will now need weather radar, passenger-slides, haram (lockable and strong)cockpit doors and so forth at a cost per plane of some £250,000. Not too bad if you're an airline filling 150 plus seats eighteen hours a day most of the year. Uneconomic if you fly one 25 seat Douglas DC-3 Dakota in the summer months around Coventry and on tour, but then the EU doesn't worry about economics, does it.

The EU-Ops Directive is directly applicable so the CAA has to administer it. It came from the EU not the EASA airworthiness organisation so it is really obviously sensible and reasonable. And the only possible get-outs are narrow and temporary. The dispensations might be needed to provide fixed-wing airlift capability for EU peacekeepers!
So please go to the brilliant EUReferendum site for the full story and then write, email or whatever Ruth Kelly to ask her to ignore this pointless piece of redtape. You can bet that Junkers 52s will keep flying whatever happens.

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