Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Daytime Car Lights To Be Mandatory

Yes the EU has done it again, as reported by Devils Kitchen, Tim Worstall and EU Referendum among others in no particular order. But what all commentators have missed, even the Daily Telegraph (digressing, I learnt how to do cryptic crosswords from the tallywag in my teens), is that the EU plans another Directive forcing the Sun to reduce the amount of solar energy it produces by cutting its hydrogen fusion quota by 10% within six years. That will help cool the earth but because there will be less daylight as a side effect, cars will need to have lights on during the day. And street light will be switched off between midnight and 5 am because they will be turned on between noon and 5pm.
Of course we don't need a referendum for this.


nottoobrite said...

You have said it all, do not pass go, but, travel directly to the News of the World before Sunday

Gallimaufry said...

Any chance of a link please as the News of the World search is rather dim?